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“Endangered” by Lamar Giles: a book review

Endangered by Lamar Giles

Endangered by Lamar Giles

This year’s Surrey Teens Read books are flying off the shelves.  Today Stephanie Gunner reviews “Endangered” by Lamar Giles.

 “Endangered” by Lamar Giles is a story following the life of a girl named Lauren, who felt hurt and betrayed, so she used her strengths to avenge the innocent who had been wronged.  She took explicit photos of those who did what she thought was wrong, posting them online. It was almost as if she were a modern day Robin Hood. She showed the “world” (it was mostly just her town), what these people did, whether it was drugs or not-safe-for-work relationships. But, she got caught and, in the end, was beaten by her own game.

This book, in my opinion, has many good qualities, I enjoyed reading about Lauren realizing her mistakes, but, the ending was a little stale. There was a nice mystery aspect; you never knew who the culprit was until the last few chapters. Of course the culprit was supposed to be the last person you would expect, but, it really wasn’t. I saw it coming, but that didn’t take the mysterious aspect away. I was still a little confused on why “the admirer” did what he/she did. I loved the fact that there was zero romance, since teen books have too much of that. Plus only a few romance books are good. The ending resolved nothing, at least that’s what I think. Even though everything had blown over, Lauren was still sent away from her family. But, even though it left me unsatisfied, I understood the realism of it. There is no way this story would end in some fairy tale, happy-go-lucky, everything is just butterflies and rainbows, way. Nothing would, in the real world, be the same after she was discovered. I would say, that it was a pretty good book, but there is always room to improve.

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