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A Special Event at KP Library / Learning Commons

New in our library!

New in our library!

On January 26th and 27th, English classes excitedly piled into KP Learning Commons to greet an author, and talk to him about his recently published novel.  What made this event very special, was that the author was non other than our very own, Mr. Blenman! Yes, that’s right, Mr. Blenman, Inter-A teacher and wrestling coach, is also a published author.

The students got to ask Mr. Blenman questions about his novel.

The students got to ask Mr. Blenman questions about his novel.

His novel, entitled “Dead’er”, is a suspenseful ghost story set in Vancouver in 1886 and current day.  While in Mexico, the main character Sean, discovers a message written in the sand on a beach.  When he returns to Vancouver,  these other-worldly messages become increasingly frequent.  Sean learns that he possesses some strange powers and that his apartment is haunted by some truly creepy spirits. He and his neighbour Mandy, set out to discover what these messages mean.  The novel is mysterious,  hair-raising,  and even comes with its own ghost-world vocabulary.  To learn what a “dead’er” is, you will just have to read the book!


Mr. Blenman read excerpts from his novel and talked to the students about writing.  One of the topics he discussed was how the words we choose,  can be so easily misinterpreted depending on the context. Students related to this because so many of them have experienced this situation in a text message or email. He also talked about heroes in novels and movies.  The students were all in agreement that flawed heroes, like Dead’er’s  Sean, are far more interesting than the unflawed ones.

Mr. Blenman read several passages from his book.

Mr. Blenman read several passages from his book.

The students spent a great deal of time asking Mr. Blenman about the writing and publishing process. Many of them had never spoken to an author before, so they took full advantage of this experience and asked pointed questions.  This discussion was of particular interest to a number of students who are actively writing their own works. Many students left the session feeling inspired to finish their own stories and to investigate the publishing process.  We look forward to reading those novels in the future!

We were all thrilled to meet Mr. Blenman, our own author in residence; we were entertained and learned so much.  We look forward to the continued adventures of Sean and Mandy and the many other memorable characters, in the sequel to this book (right, Mr. Blenman?).  If you would like to read “Dead’er”, come visit us in the library / learning commons where we have a number of copies circulating. We will be happy to check one out to you!


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