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Psychology 11: Research Papers Are Now In Our Library

Psychology 11 Research Papers

Psychology 11 Research Papers

This semester, Mr. Kailay’s Psychology 11 class did research papers on various studies such as love, fears, media, and personal disorders. Each of these papers will give you a detailed understanding of each of the topics. These students have put months into these research papers and the final results are outstanding. If you are interested in reading these articles, they are now available in our school’s library; just ask us at the library for more information. These are the titles of the research papers.

Fanaticism & Motivation: A case study of four female fans by Cassandra Calpito

The Influence of Foreign Music on Personal and Social Development: A case study of four international K-Pop fans by Susan Tsang

Relationships: “Why do Girls Think Boys should make the First Move?”: A case study on three male and three female teenagers on the topic of engaging in relationships by Joan Luna

Does Stress Affect One’s Personality: A case study of four Kwantlen Park Students by Aarthi Naiker

Disorders: “How People Perceive Their OCD” (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder): A case study of one male and one female by Harvey Polino

The Psychology of Colors And Your Emotions: A case study of three Kwantlen Park Students by Kulwinder Multani

How Do Celebrities Influence Their Fans?: A case study of four teenage fans by Clarisse Valbuena

The Psychology of Love: Does Age Matter When It Comes To Love?: A case study of a male & female by Falisha Faizal

Disconnected And Estranged From Parents: Are We Really Fine?: A case study of high school students designed to look at a parent-child disconnect, and its impact on the child by Charlotte Anderson

Acrophobia: The Fear of Heights: A case study on an individual that suffers from Acrophobia by Safura Naibkhil

Manifestations of Fear And Paranoia: A case study of five adults and their experiences in dealing with fear and paranoia by Tony Heng

The Psychology of Violent Media: A case study of three Kwantlen Park students by Scott Davidson

Why Do People React Differently To The Same Situation?: A case study of three different age groups at Kwantlen Park Secondary by Jennifer Lin

The Psychology of The Fear of the Dark: A case study of four individuals by Johann Colinco

The Psychology of Hiding Emotions: A case study of six Kwantlen Park students by Kiana M. De Vera

The Psychology of Dreams: A case study of three Kwantlen Park Secondary students by Zoey Gauvin

Justice- A Study to Start A movement: A case study on bulling at Kwantlen Park Secondary by Aaron Miller

We would like to thank the students for the hard work they have put into these articles.

By: Karel M.



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