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New Books!

We’ve recently received a huge crop of great new books for the Creative Commons. Here’s a taste of the newest titles…

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

eleanor & park

In a word, Eleanor & Park is adorable. Set in the mid-1980s, Eleanor is the new kid in town. She comes from a less than stable home life

and is trying to find her way in a new school, and a new town. Although they were initially standoffish, a series of events throw Eleanor

and Park together. Their love is a slow-burning, slow-building kind of love between misfits. This sweet book follows Eleanor and Park as

they read comics, listen to their Walkmans, and make mixed-tapes for one another.


Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

imaginary girls

This paranormal mystery is beautiful and eerily disturbing. One evening, Chloe is convinced by her sister, Ruby, to swim across a

reservoir. To swim across this reservoir is dangerous and illegal: the reservoir is actually a flooded ghost town. Chloe discovers a dead

body and leaves town in a panic. She returns and finds that her sister, Ruby, has managed to manipulate the world, and everyone in it.

Chloe is drawn into a spine-chilling mystery and she negotiates her relationship with her peculiar sister Ruby.


Misfit by Jon Skovron


Jael Thompson is, well, a misfit. The product of a supernatural union, Jael spends much of her life moving from town to town with her

jaded, paranoid ex-priest father. On her sixteenth birthday, Jael discovers that she is, in fact, half demons and must contend with evil

supernatural forces that wish her dead. This is a fast-paced fantasy that mixes a coming of age with philosophy and mythology.

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