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Mini’s Book Review Room

Mini’s Book Review Room is written by Minh, a grade 10 student at Kwantlen Park. Minh is a voracious reader who can recommend a good book to anyone, any time, anywhere!

Stormbreak by Anthony Horowitz



They said his uncle died in a car accident….but Alex Rider knows better than that and bullet holes on

the windshield prove it. So what happens when Alex finds out that his uncle was no ordinary man but

was really a spy for Britain’s Intelligence agency, M16? After climbing out of a fifteenth-floor window

just to satisfy his curiosity, Alex is recruited to find his uncle’s killers. He must fight to find the answers.

Alex Rider is a total cliff hanger character that makes you want to stop breathing. One of the reasons I

enjoyed this book is because it was reality based, not so much fantasy, and it was nice reading

something that could also happen in real life.



The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Celia Thomson

the nine lives of celia kingChloe King’s life changes drastically after a fall off San Francisco’s highest tower which should have

led to her death but instead she woke up alive. Now Chloe’s life is not considered normal anymore for

starters: she’s growing claws, and someone’s is trying to kill her. Luckily for Chloe, she still has eight

lives to go. Chloe is confused and unsure of what is happening to her however when two boys come into

her life maybe she will have the chance to find out what is going on. A book that was new and well

written, the plot was very interesting and very much different from other books. The reason I loved this

book is because the characters in the book all had different types of personalities and yet they all

managed to get along. Also this was the first time I read a book about this supernatural power and I have

to say I really liked it




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