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Month: April 2013

Books into Movies-Summer 2013

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby takes place in the early 1920s, a time of extreme wealth, jazz, bootlegging, and flappers. The novels follows Jay Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire, and his efforts to win back his now married sweetheart Daisy Buchanan. This novel is exciting and fast-paced with extravagant parties,  feuds,… Read More ›

Mini’s Book Review Room

Mini’s Book Review Room is written by Minh, a grade 10 student at Kwantlen Park. Minh is a voracious reader who can recommend a good book to anyone, any time, anywhere! Stormbreak by Anthony Horowitz   They said his uncle died in a car accident….but Alex Rider knows better than that and bullet holes on… Read More ›

The Evolution of the Learning Commons

What is a learning commons? Learning Commons are becoming more and more popular; and yet, it can sometimes to be difficult to describe what a learning commons is! The easiest way to think about a learning commons is to think about a space that is virtual and physical, where Kwantlen students and teachers can work,… Read More ›

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