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Mini’s Book Review Room

Mini’s Book Review Room is written by Minh, a grade 10 student at Kwantlen Park. Minh is a voracious reader who can recommend a good book to anyone, any time, anywhere!

The Night Dance by Suzanne Weyn

the night dance

Rowena is the youngest of the twelve and the most curious. One day, she discovered that there was an

opening in the wall that surrounded the castle. Soon she was able to convince her sisters to join her in an

adventure on the other side of the wall. They meet a group of knights: Bedivere, a handsome young

knight, falls in love with Rowena when she and her sisters were dancing in the magical forest. Sadly, their

love is forbidden but they risk everything even their lives for a chance at love. This novel is written

differently compared to other. It does not focus on one character, but many. Each chapter there is a new

character voice and we can read about all the thoughts that the characters have and the feelings they

share. The Night Dance is historical fiction but is also a fairy tale that has been rewritten which made me

like this book even more.




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