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Anti-Bullying and the Library

Kwantlen Park is committed to educating students and staff on the dangers of bullying and cyber-bullying while promoting compassion and anti-bullying. On Friday the 8th of February, all Kwantlen Park staff participated in a Pro-D Day that focussed on bullying. The staff talked about bullying issues, listened to students who have suffered from bullying, and decided how to keep Kwantlen Park a safe, anti-bully environment for staff and students.

The Kwantlen Park Library is committed to supporting the school’s anti-bullying curriculum with books and electronic resources.

Here’s a peek inside our anti-bullying collection….

Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories by Various Authors

dear bully


This book is a cooperative project by some of the most popular young adult writers. Some of these

writers watched bullying from the sidelines, others experienced the terrible effects of being bullied while

others were the bullies. This book is emotional and full of uncensored personal experiences and intends

to educate and comfort the reader.





Letters to a Bullied Girl: Messages of Healing and Hope by Olivia Gardner, Emily Buder and Sarah Buder.

letters to a bullied girl



Olivia Gardner was a real student who experienced bullying at her school for over two years. The

story of her torment spread and two sisters, Emily and Sarah Buder wanted to do something to

help. The sisters started a campaign of letters meant to comfort Olivia and give her hope. This

book features letters from those who have been bullied, those who were bullies and those who

have seen bullying. This book offers advice and comfort to anyone suffering from being bullied.






Work Nerd by Susan Nielsen-Fernlund

word nerd



Ambrose is a relatively happy, “friendless nerd” with a severe peanut allergy. Like many other bullied

kids, Ambrose is the new kid in school. One day, he is almost killed when a group of student slip a

peanut into his food. Ambrose now must be homeschooled. Ambrose must find a new group of friends

while on his eternal quest for acceptance.






Making Smart Choices about Violence, Gangs, and Bullying by Matt Monteverde

making smart choices



This is a succinct book that examines the violent behaviour associated with gangs,

why teenagers associate with such groups, the consequences of the associations and

how to avoid violent situations. This book explains many different types of violent

scenarios using prominent examples while providing methods to stay safe in strange






Kissing the Rain by Kevin Brooks

kissing the rain



Moo Nelson is a shy, overweight teenager who prefers his own company. One day, Moo is a witness to

a crime and finds himself at the centre of a media storm-suddenly, everyone wants to pay attention to

Moo. Moo faces the unwanted attention from a threatening bully who seems intent on keeping the

truth behind the crime a secret.






Responsible by Darlene Ryan



This is a book of fiction that follows a character named Kevin Frasier. Kevin’s family moves often and he

is anxious to find some friends at his new high school. He falls in with a group of shady bullies and is

pulled into a cycle of violent behaviour. When Kevin learns how the group plans to target specific

students, he is faced with a moral dilemma. This book portrays a highly realistic and gritty portrayal of

what it is to be bullied and the obstacles faced by anti-bully movements.


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