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Digital Identity

What is my digital identity?

Your digital identity is your online reputation. It’s like a resume on the internet that anyone can access. It’s a combination of facts and a more general impression. Every time you access the internet, you are contributing to your digital identity.

Your digital identity contains a number of facts that likely include:

  • Your name
  • You age
  • Your school
  • Your hometown
  • Your occupation
  • Your hobbies

Your digital identity is also affected by your online reputation. You contribute to this reputation by:

  • Commenting on Facebook posts
  • Blog posts and comments
  • Your Tweets and Re-Tweets
  • Your comments on message boards
  • Your photos

This YouTube video demonstrates how your digital identity is created and how it can impact your future.

You should remember that a user name does not guarantee your anonymity or privacy. Identities are never truly anonymous on the internet. Your information can be circulated over and over again. Once your digital identity is out there, it can be very difficult to control.

But wait! An online reputation can be a good thing! You can take the time to build your online reputation and you can have some control over your digital identity. If you contribute to your particular online community (blog, message board etc) in a thoughtful and responsible way, you can boost your digital identity. This is the kind of online reputation to focus on! Your digital identity will follow you forever so take control and present the best version of yourself!


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