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Mini’s Book Review Room

Mini’s Book Review Room is written by Minh, a grade 10 student at Kwantlen Park. Minh is a voracious reader who can recommend a good book to anyone, any time, anywhere!

Virals by Kathy Reichs

virals Tory Brennan and her friends, who are total science geeks, are exposed to a canine parvovirus when

they rescue a dog from the medical testing facility. This virus made their senses even stronger than

before. Using their new heightened senses, they set out to solve a cold case murder, which happened

50 years ago. However, to find the answer to how they got their powers they must solve it and get

what they need quick…..before someone else dies. Follow Tory and her friends as they lie, hide, and

fight to find the answers they’re looking for. Tory’s life may seem easy on the outside but what is going

through her head is a different story. This book pulled me in as if it was quicksand, the way Kathy

Reichs’ writing keeps the story interesting all the way through. Every time the page turns there is a

new mystery or some kind of information you weren’t expecting. This book pulled me in and kept me

at the edge of my seat until the very end.


Eve & Adam by Michael Grant Katherine Applegate

eve and adamEvening Spiker (a.k.a Eve) though everything and everyone where the same. All of that changed when

she had the accident. Eve’s leg is injured badly and cannot be moved and Eve thinks she is going to

die, not from the injury, but from boredom. So her mother decides to give her a project to keep her

occupied, but this is no ordinary project. This project she is instructed to make a human, a perfect

human just for her. Howeve,r what happens when she falls in love the handsome teenage lab assistant

Solo instead? See how Solo and Eve try to find answers about themselves and their families. This

book contains love, drama, and betrayal as they get closer and closer to the answers they seek. This

book gave me the chills while I was reading it, there was so much action and drama as I follow their

adventure. I also loved how their love was processing throughout the book as well.




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