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Mini’s Book Review Room

Mini’s Book Review Room is written by Minh, a grade 10 student at Kwantlen Park. Minh is a voracious reader who can recommend a good book to anyone, any time, anywhere! 

Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors 

Coffeehouse Angel is a sweet yet amusing book.  Sixteen-year old Katrina helps a homeless man she

finds sleeping behind her grandmother’s coffeehouse, she finds out later on that his name is Malcolm

and he is a teenage guardian angel. Malcolm insists on rewarding her by granting her deepest wish.

Coffeehouse Angel is filled with drama, and one sided love. Katrina’s adventure is mixed with love and

confusion as she tries to find a way to get rid of Malcolm, but is that truly what her heart wishes for?

The reason this book captured my heart is because it had a fantasy-like story. There was also a touch of

reality mixed into it at the same time, even though the book seemed serious it was still very funny.




Lucky T by Kate Brian

Would you travel halfway around the world to get your lucky t-shirt back? This story is about a girl

named Carrie Fitzgerald who always has the best of luck in everything. Nobody realises is that she is

very superstitious, putting all her good luck on a t-shirt; however, when her mom donates it to charity ,

Carrie’s luck runs out, forcing her to travel halfway across the world to get it back. Lucky T is filled with

drama and humour as Carrie tries to find her t-shirt. Her adventure gets more and more exciting as she

meets new people on the way. I liked this book because while reading this book everything

seemed possible to me, because who would have the nerve to travel halfway around the world to get a

shirt back? Reading this book made me aware that if you try, anything is possible and that is what I liked

about this book.

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

If you loved the Hunger Games, you would love this book even more. Eighteen year old Lugh is

kidnapped, leaving Saba and nine-year old Emmi behind to find him. They get captured too and are

forced to go to Hopetown where Saba becomes a cage fighter. Desperate to get out, Saba teams up with

a handsome dare devil named Jack and a girl gang who call themselves the Free hawks. Together they

try to survive and rescue Lugh. With violent action and an epic love story, this book has it all, a

reflection of the Hunger Games. The reason I love Blood Red Road is because it gave me an over the

edge feeling it kept me hooked all the way until the end, the way the book was written gave off a

mysterious feel, making me love this book even more.





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