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The Bookworm’s Top Reads

Our Bookworm is an anonymous grade 12 student at Kwantlen Park. The Bookworm is a avid reader with impeccable taste. In this space, you’ll find Bookworm approved books.

So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld



Hunter Braque is a new York city teenager with the ultra-stylish job of finding out

what’s “cool,” but when his boss goes missing he teams up with his girlfriend, Jen, to

take down a conspiracy group that has created the anti-brand which could potentially

flip hunters’ world where you’re only as cool as what you wear.





The Unidentified by Rae Mariz



In the future when the school system runs out of money corporations step in to “help.” Now, instead

of classes you go to stores in what they call “the game” where you’re given all the newest technology

and where every move you make is monitored for corporate research. Katey “kid” Dade witnesses a

very anti corporate prank and she’s drawn into a group of kids calling themselves “the unidentified”

who are planning a prank that could change the game forever.





Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet by Joanne Proulx



Luke was just a normal seventeen year old boy. He gets okay grades, partakes in a few illegal

substances, just the life a normal teen. Until one day, he foretells his friends’ death a day before it

happens, with a surprising amount of detail down to the license plate on the car. After this is exposed

to the media Luke starts to question the meaning of life, love, and spirituality.







-The Bookworm

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