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Just In: The Infects by Sean Beaudoin


Nero lives an unconventional life. He has a fractured family (his delinquent dad called `The Dude` and his socially inept sister) and must work to support them. He works the night shift slaughtering chemically enhanced chickens to help feed his family. An unfortunate mishap lands him with a sentence of three to six months in an outdoor wilderness reform camp. Something`s amiss in this camp…people keep contracting a strange disease. And disappearing. And reappearing covered in black goo. This wouldn`t be so bad, but this disease gives them a taste for human flesh. Before Nero knows it, he`s got a full blown zombie infestation on his hands.

Nero is our hero. He`s intelligent and wants to save the day. He gathers a group of fellow delinquents, including his crush, and heads into the mountains all the while slaughtering a path of zombies in the way.

The Infects is a hilarious account of the zombie apocalypse. It’s Zombieland, but funnier. This book is gory, funny, smart and sarcastic. If you liked World War Z or Feed, you`ll love The Infects.

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