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Just In: Lost Voices by Sarah Porter

This is not your average mermaid story. While these mermaids have shimmering fins and powerful tails, they are cruel, manipulative, and violent.

Luce is a fourteen year old girl living in Alaska. She is brutally attacked and is left to die by the water. She falls into the icy waters expecting to die a quick death but is shocked to find that she has become a mermaid instead. Luce is delighted to be alive and to have a group of mermaids to call her family.

And yet, being a mermaid is not all that she thought it would be. Girls become mermaids after cruel and horrific life experiences. Mermaids want revenge. Luce discovers that mermaids have an overwhelming desire to kill humans on the open water and to use their siren songs to lure innocent humans to their death.

Lost Voices is a dark and dangerous play on traditional fairy tale mermaids. This book is full of intrigue, suspense and fairy tale lore.

If you liked  Legend or Divergent, you`ll love Lost Voices.

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